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Chlorophyll Package x12
For 14 JOD

Chlorophyll Package x12

Nut Mylk Package
For 8 JOD

Nut Mylk Package

Ginger Shot Package x6
For 5 JOD

Ginger Shot Package x6

Seasonal Package
For 8 JOD

Seasonal Package

Superfood Golden Spread
For 10 JOD

Superfood Golden Spread

The Rainbow Salad
For 5 JOD

The Rainbow Salad

Meet The Founder

Zein Salti, known as Zenergie, is a thriving entrepreneur, wellness and yoga influencer, and motivational speaker. She's the force behind Zenergie Juice, offering holistic wellness solutions. Zein's impactful speeches inspire positive life changes, and her wellness expertise shines through social media platforms and community work. Zenergie Juice, found in major Amman hypermarkets, delivers top-quality, preservative-free juices, detox plans, and wholesome meals, setting the wellness standard.


Quench your thirst with Zenergie’s vitamin C

100% Orange Juice

Everyone knows what goes on here

Ginger shot

Boosts immunity, fights inflammation, and battles colds and flu.

Fresh Curcum

Provides potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits

2 Day Classic Detox + 2 Salads

4 green juices

4 seasonal juices

2 nut mylk

2 ginger shot

2 black lemonade

+ 2 Salads

14 bottles in total 

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Zaatarini Crackers
Propolis 10g
Bee Pollen 125g
Maca Root 125g
Organic Spirulina


Deena Mukhar

I purchased the 4 day classic detox with the salad option.
Service was excellent.. everyone was extremely helpful and professional..
juices and salads were fresh and on time.

Kawther Sarah mothers odeh

رائعين بكل ما تحمل الكلمة من معنى مصداقية وأهم شي نظافة والتزام بالمواعيد ولديهم السلاسة في التعامل مع الزبائن وأرضاءهم وشكر للاخ محمد على تعاونه بالتوفيق لكم تستحقون اكثر من ٥ نجوم

Michelle Bekhazi

After lots of heavy and delicious arabic food in Amman, zenergie is a refreshing and healthy change! The detox is the best to get rid of bloating and get energized!

احمد اشرف

!عصير روعة و كمان بدون سكر

Ella Am

Amazing detox. One of the best I have ever tried in my life. You feel awesome afterward. Please expand

Peggy Henery

Fresh in every way (not just the taste) you can feel their fresh energy too!
They're offering very high quality juices and blends and very reasonably priced detox packages! Their delivery team is quick and responsive. I'm glad to be their repeated customer

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