At Zenergie, we're all about crafting quality and wellness in every sip and bite. Picture this: pure, sugar and preservative-free goodness that's not just nutritious but incredibly delicious. Our specialties? Revitalizing Detox programs and a delightful menu of choices—think fresh salads, superfood-rich smoothies, nourishing plant-based meals, and our iconic signature juices. Find us in Amman's top hypermarkets. We're here to nourish your body and soul with the finest ingredients. Get your #Zenergie 


Cold-pressed 100% Fresh Juice, Straight from Nature's Bounty! 🌱

✅ Locally Sourced Ingredients
✅ No Added Sugar or Water
✅ Bursting with Vitamins & Minerals
✅ Valid for 3 Days Only (Because Freshness Matters!)
✅ Preservative-Free
✅ Freshly Made Daily
✅ Crafted with Love by the Zenergie Team

Everything began with a dream. Zenergie emerged from the vision of Zein, our founder, a culinary alchemist, and a devoted nature enthusiast. 

At first, it was just a dream - a thought in my journal. One introspective day in 2014, at a friend's house in Toronto, I jotted down the word 'Zenergie' in my journal. With no clear-cut plan of what it would be, I knew exactly what it would offer. Right from the outset, my mission has been to empower individuals to rejuvenate their health and rediscover their vitality, and it was from this pursuit that Zenergie was born.

Having always been passionate about nourishment through nature, I was a firm believer in consuming as many colors as possible from raw fruits, vegetables, and superfoods. However, after tasting cold-pressed juices, drinking nature's colors and nutrients in their purest form, and experiencing all their benefits, I began to create Zenergie juices.

Today, our cold-pressed juices are freshly crafted in Amman, Jordan, using the finest local, seasonal, and plant-based ingredients. We curate detox plans customized to cater to your body's unique requirements, delivering the ultimate Zenergie experience. Additionally, we offer one-of-a-kind juices, each crafted with an abundance of love and passion.

Arriving at this juncture with Zenergie fills me with tears of honor and joy. We now operate from a fully equipped kitchen, bearing the seal of approval from the FDA. This accomplishment symbolizes our lifelong commitment to promoting and safeguarding your well-being through nature. And I'm fully aware that this is merely the inception of our Zenergie journey.

Our cold-pressed juices are a direct gift from nature. Zenergie is here to help you rediscover and boost your natural vitality. We're dedicated to providing plant-based elixirs that refresh your energy and nurture self-love. We believe in using the goodness of nature's nutrients, like cold-pressed juices and superfoods, to support your overall well-being. Our recipes focus on real, local, and seasonal ingredients for maximum benefits.

Zenergie is all about the magic of cold-pressed juices. This process mechanically extracts vitamins, minerals, and enzymes from natural, plant-based foods, delivering a concentrated dose of goodness directly to your body, no chewing required.

Our mission is to empower you to nourish your soul, restore your health, and live a happy life. We're built on the belief in yourself and the incredible healing power of nature. Our goal is to help you reenergize and add vibrant colors to your life with plant-based foods.