General Questions

Cold-pressing is a juicing mechanism that produces nutrient-rich, top-of-the-line, fresh juice. Cold-pressing uses the process of separating fiber (known as pulp!) from fruits and vegetables without the aid of heat. After we sort, wash and chop our produce, we put it into our juicer; the machine chews and crushes, then uses a hydraulic press to put thousands of pounds of pressure on the produce. The result? #Zenergizing juice like no other! 

 The reasons are countless but here are a few key ones:

  • Juicing is the most efficient way to increase your consumption of raw fruits and vegetables. A single serving of cold-pressed juice can contain your entire day’s dose of greens and vitamins.
  • Since we tend to cook most of our vegetables, we don’t get the maximum amount of nutrients like we do by drinking them in cold-pressed juices.
  • Juicing reinvigorates one’s energy; it feeds your system with natural goodness on the inside, making your body glow thrive from the outside too. 
  • Juicing gives your digestive system the love it deserves - it has the power to repair and heal your gut, leading to smoother overall digestion.

 In short, cold-pressed keeps the nutrients alive in the best way possible! Since no heat was involved in the juicing process, the extraction is done in a natural way that lets you enjoy the benefits stronger and for longer.  

Most of our ingredients are locally sourced. We work with local farmers and organic farms. We also prioritize using seasonal produce, which is why some of our juices are not available all year round.

Our kitchen is based in Amman, Jordan. We receive fresh produce every morning from our local farmers, and all fruits and vegetables are hand-picked and pressed the right way to give you the freshest Zenergizing juice. 

In order to get the maximum amount of nutrients from the juices, you should consume them within 3 days of being produced. We stamp an expiry date onto each bottle we produce to give you a clear idea. Once opened, ideally consume your juice within 24 hours.Our juices are cold-pressed every day and they do not contain any preservatives, additives, sugars or HPP’d, which is why their shelf life is not unnaturally long.

Most of our products are fully plant-based, with a few exceptions. Our locally sourced honey is found in few of our products such as the Black Lemonade and Cashew Mylk. Our Dream Mylk contains whey protein. 

Yes we can! Delivery fees are not included within our price menu and they vary based on location. Aside from Amman-wide delivery, we deliver to Irbid, Al-Zarqa and soon to Aqaba. You can choose delivery times that best suit your needs. 

Our cold-pressed juices, nut mylks, and booster shots are a form of meal enrichment rather than a meal replacement. Our products are designed to help you meet your nutritional daily requirements and to complement your busy, active lifestyle. Depending on the type of juice, it is recommended to drink the juices either first thing in the morning, before bed-time, or 1-2 hours before or after meals, to get the maximum nutritional benefits.

If you are unsure about whether you can consume cold-pressed juice, consult with your physician first. Even though some of our juices do not contain any kind of fruit in them, your health is our main concern. We advise you to read the label carefully before purchasing so that you make sure that the juice is suitable for your body.  

Believe it or not, fruits and vegetables contain high quality, absorbable protein in them. Some protein-rich vegetables that we use in our juices include: moringa, kale, parsley, spinach, and spirulina and our nut Mylks (made from raw almonds and cashews) are also a great source of plant-protein. A scoop of plant pea protein or whey protein can be added to any of our nut Mylks for an additional cost.

Absolutely not! Our products do not contain any added or processed sugars at all. We use locally sourced dates and honey, making sure to only use nature’s sweetness. 

Our juices range from approximately 11 calories for an all-green juice to 250 calories for a plant based nut mylk. Caloric details can be found on the nutritional label of each juice.

Our facility itself is not nut-free, so our products are currently not nut allergy friendly. If you have any different allergies, please consult with your physician before consuming any of our products. 

For best results, we recommend drinking the juices as fresh as possible to get maximum benefits! Please be aware that freezing the juice will change the appearance and texture of the juice.

Absolutely! Cold-pressed juice is a great addition to a daily routine and an excellent alternative to sugary juices, which are void of proper nutrients. We do not recommend cleansing of any kind for a child – always consult your child’s physician for any other detailed inquiries.

Celery Challenge FAQ's

The Celery Challenge is a program that involves consuming cold-pressed celery juice each morning on an empty stomach for either 14 or 30 days. You can choose between the two durations based on your goals and preferences. The challenge aims to harness the healing and rejuvenating properties of celery juice.

Drinking celery juice daily can have several potential benefits, including achieving clear and naturally glowing skin, enhancing digestion and reducing bloating, alleviating inflammation within the body, supporting weight loss or weight management, and sustaining or elevating energy levels.

It's simple! Just start your day with one bottle of cold-pressed celery juice on an empty stomach. Wait 30 minutes and then have your food. You can choose either the 14-Day or 30-Day Challenge, depending on your preferences. The juice will be delivered to your doorstep regularly to ensure you have a fresh supply.

No special preparation or diet is necessary before starting the Celery Challenge. The key is to consume the celery juice each morning as instructed. You can continue with your regular diet and lifestyle during the challenge.

Your order of cold-pressed celery juice will be delivered directly to your doorstep every Saturday and Tuesday morning, with three bottles delivered each time. We are flexible and can accommodate delivery dates and times that suit your preferences. Please note that the price includes the delivery fee. The package is valid for either two weeks (14-Day Challenge) or four weeks (30-Day Challenge) starting from the day you receive your initial batch of cold-pressed Celery Juice.