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1 Day Classic Detox
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1 Day Classic Detox
1 Day Classic Detox + 1 Salad
2 Day Classic Detox
2 Day Classic Detox + 2 Salads
3 Day Classic Detox
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3 Day Classic Detox
3 Day Classic Detox + 3 Salads
4 Day Classic Detox
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4 Day Classic Detox
4 Day Classic Detox + 4 Salads
Weight Loss Magic 2024

Classic Detox

Classic Detox :
2 green juices
2 seasonal fruity juices
1 nut mylk
1  ginger shot
1 black lemonade

Juice detox program :

7 bottles in total 

The Classic Detox provides a balanced mix of green and seasonal juices. Green juices are typically rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, while the seasonal  juices provide additional vitamins from seasonal fruits. The nut mylk which is #3 provides a source of healthy fats and proteins. Additionally, the detox includes a ginger shot that aids digestion and boosts immunity.
500 calories a day

Feeling fatigued? Dealing with bloating or sluggish digestion? Seeking a healthier glow for your skin? Want to shed a few pounds? Constantly craving sweets or caffeine? It might be time for a Classic Detox and a positive health change!

What would your Detox day look like?
Rise & Shine ! 

9 AM: lukewarm water with freshly squeezed lemon
10 AM - Juice #1
12 PM : Juice #2
2 PM : Juice #3 / Smoothie #3
4PM: ginger shot !
5PM: Juice #4
7PM  : Juice #5 / Salad  #5
9PM : Juice #6

Experience a transformative journey with the Zenergie Detox program! Receive personalized juice and salad packages for a minimum of one day, targeting weight loss, boosted energy, glowing skin, and improved gut health. Avoid meat, dairy, gluten, refined sugar, and caffeine during the detox to maximize results. Stay satisfied with options like Zenergie salads, Zaatarini Crackers, fruits, veggies, soups, and smoothies, strategically spaced throughout the day. Optimize your health and wellness with this structured detox plan tailored to your needs.