2 Day Classic Detox

26.000 JD

Total calories per day: 500 kcal
X6 (275mll) Juices
x1 (60ml) juice

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2 Days Classic Detox
Total Calories 400 - 500 Cal

Our 2-day detox program offers a unique opportunity to give your body a comprehensive cleanse and revitalization. This program includes a set of carefully crafted juices and supplements, designed to nourish and support the body's natural cleansing processes. With this detox, you can expect to receive a variety of juices, including green juices and seasonal juices, as well as a shot to support energy and vitality. The program is designed to be followed for 2 consecutive days, with each juice consumed every 2 hours and according to the number labeled on top. Additionally, to maximize the benefits of the detox, it is recommended to avoid animal products, processed foods, dairy and sugar and instead, enjoy unlimited vegetables and up to 2 fruits a day. The 2-day detox is a convenient and effective way to jumpstart your health and promote a feeling of rejuvenation and renewed energy.

Why Detox?
- Why not try something new?
- Gives your mind and body a chance to rest and reset
- Provides a high dose of chlorophyll, a natural immune booster
- Helps reduce bloating
- Encourages mindfulness about what you consume
- Improves sleep and mental clarity
- Enhances your skin's natural glow
- Improves digestion, eliminates toxins, and leads to a healthier gut
- Naturally boosts energy levels
- Provides your body with antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients from fresh, raw, and real ingredients.

The Detox Process:
- Upon receiving your Zenergie package, place it in the fridge.
- Replace your regular food plan with our Zenergie Juices.
- Each juice is numbered for your convenience; please consume them in order.
- On your detox day, you may also enjoy salads, soups, raw vegetables, and whole fruits as needed (refer to the detox instruction sheet included in the package for more details).
- Spread out your juices over 12 hours, leaving 2-3 hours between each juice.
- Take it easy and allow your body to naturally heal itself as nature intended.
- Let's get you #Zenergized!

 2 Day Detox Includes:
x6 Seasonal Juices (275ml)
x4 Green Juices (275ml)
x2 Nut Mylk (275ml)
x2 Ginger shot (60ml)