Are you eating right?

Are you eating right?

Oct 19, 2023

Eating a healthy and well balanced diet is a very important aspect in maintaining healthy, happy and vital organs. There has been many debates over the idea of what food you should eat and what not to eat.

Eating fully raw for example might be idea for someone with a slower digestion fire, as it creates a sense of lightness within. As opposed to those with so much fire n movement in them, too much raw food will cause ulcers and acidity in their stomach. In the long run this will lead to severe problems in the colon and joints. Such people should focus on balancing both Raw and cooked and warm food together to maintain a healthy digestion tract that will be efficient at all times.

One should be fully aware of the foods that cause certain discomfort as they digest such foods. This includes intestinal gases, inflammation, skin rashes, heart burns, constipation.. It has been advised that one should take note of how they feel after eating certain foods. Some foods will make you happy, others sad, tiered, fully energized, bloated, light... Eat the food that makes you feel good and keeps you organs happy and healthy!

As you explore the food kingdom become aware which foods are acting as medicine, which ones are acting as simply food and those that are toxic to your well being.

Life is journey. So is the food we eat.

How we are feeling in this moment, how we handle stress, amount of water we drink daily ( also the PH level of the water plays a big roll in maintaining a healthy body), level of exercise, quality of sleep , emotions, lifestyle in general.

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